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Updated: Jun 29, 2021

"Change is at our core. And now it's time to change fashion."

Cotton is natural, renewable, and biodegradable as well as super-soft on the skin. Pretty much anything you could wish for when it comes to a textile fiber. Unfortunately, it's also a thirsty crop linked to high water and chemical use that affects both the soil and the farmers working in the cotton fields. That's why all our cotton is now sourced more sustainably.

Did You Know?

To qualify for a green hangtag,a product must conbtain atleast 50% of more sustaibable matertials, but many iteams surpress that 100% of the matertials in our collection are sourced more sustainably.

We feel you. It can be super tricky to know if you're making environmentally-friendly shopping choices. But we want to make it easier!

We provide you with soft handloom cotton, perfect for your Spring-Summer

Time for CHANGE!

Wasn’t handloom an Indian way of life! We have a very rich heritage in terms of handicrafts and handlooms. Somewhere we lost track as a generation, probably due to western influence and fast fashions





It's time to believe in bringing forth traditional handicrafts, intricate meticulous detailing and comfortable sustainable fashion with fine quality for the women of today.

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

"Style tip 101"


The fashion industry is in the business of creating moments out of moods, and trends from the temporal. And it does this, of course, to persuade us to part with our money, to buy into the new and the exotic and the extraordinary.

In today's world looking at the minimalist approach to life allows us to appreciate what we have and 'cut the clutter' on the things that serve no purpose. This particularly applies to the world of fashion.

ITEER'S -MOONLIGHT collection one such apporice you can see, it is made entirely out of residual fabric thus ensuring zero waste and 100% responsibility to the environment.

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